Taking a vacation, whether it be leisure or for business, can take a load of stress off of you. Visiting a culture that is different from your own, and leaving all your worries behind for a while can create a kind of stimulation in your head that will ease your mind. But Thailand would be a great place to start your adventures. The country is rich in culture, and there are so many things to do that you might want to stay longer, or even come back a second time.If you are going to Thailand must read Thailand Travel Tips

Thailand Travel Tips


Thailand is a place where you don’t have to dig deep in your pockets. Most of the costs are in INR. But if you convert that to USD, you will be astounded at the price you are paying. Travelling to Thailand is cheap, as well as hotel accommodations, and everything else. You will feel like you’re living in luxury if you plan your expenses very carefully.


But are you not sure what do, or how to book a flight, hotel, and other accommodations to Thailand? Well, look no further, I have compiled a list for those who are first-time travellers, travelling as a couple or going off on a business trip.




Thailand travel tips

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First-Time Travelers Thailand Travel Tips

If you are a first time traveller to Thailand, here are some tips that can help you ease the stress of travelling to a foreign country for the first time.



Travel Agency for Thailand Travel Trips:

You’re the surest bet to find the right accommodations for the first time is booking with a travel agency. For the most part, travel agencies will help you book a flight, find the good hotel, and even get you the best transportation to and from the airport. They will also create an itinerary for you to do while you’re in Thailand. Booking with a travel agency will save you a bundle on all of the accommodations versus when you book them separately.



Thailand Travel Tips Guide for All:

Travel light

These days, any flight you fly with will charge you an extra $50 for extra luggage and if it’s more than 50 lbs. Especially, if you are a first-time traveler, you may want to ease up on the additional cost, unless you are returning home to Thailand. You are most likely bound to buy souvenirs and gifts for friends and family, and that could cost extra on the way home.

There are many travel agencies to choose from, be sure to find the one the best fits your budget.



Take it Slow

There are so many places to visit. The most logical place to start out your trip is Bangkok. Don’t rush it. Take a couple of days to take in the vast city of Bangkok. There are so many things to do. But be sure to time your visits, because before you know it, time would have gotten away from you.


If you have time, visit the islands south of Thailand where the old culture is still thriving. Or travel north of where there are other cities to visit. Remember, you can always come back to Thailand to experience new things.





thailand temple

Golden Temple Located In Thailand

You’ll also want to visit the many temples as well.



Eating food in a foreign country can be worrisome. The stories you hear about food poisoning can create a thought that you should bring your food. You can do that, but there is a way to enjoy the food in Thailand. In cities such as Bangkok, they have street food. The best way to enjoy them is to eat where there is heavy traffic. That means the food is always fresh, and you are guaranteed a fresh hot meal.


Be sure to carry a hand sanitizer bottle all times, use it to wash your hands before and after meals, and do buy a bottle of water. Do not drink the tap water!


These are some tips that the business traveller can partake in. The only difference is that the trip and hotel was paid for by the firm. After dealing with a business with Thailand, there is guaranteed free time in the end. So, instead of going back to the hotel to rest, dress in something comfortable and breathe in the surroundings and enjoy this mini vacation that your business has afforded you!


These are some tips that can help first time travellers to take in the country of Thailand for the first time. If you are travelling to Thailand with a loved one, in addition to the list above, here are some tips for the lovely couples.





couple in thailand

Couple Enjoying along the beach in Thailand

Thailand Travel Tips for couples

Travelling with a loved one is an experience of a lifetime. Taking in a new country and renewing your love to each other will make your relationship everlasting and more meaningful. There is no magical feeling when sharing an excellent experience with your loved one than when you travel alone. The magic is even more infinite if this is your honeymoon!


The beaches south of Thailand

There is no other way to share with a loved one than a romantic stroll along any beach. Especially, if you enjoy them in your country, you know that feeling is tranquil and serene. Why not take a walk on the beach in Phuket?


The beaches are crystal clear, you can relax in a cottage with your loved one, but the best part, taking a walk along the beach hand-in-hand with your loved one is the experience you want. Breathe in the fresh air, and forget about any troubles, and share the magical moment with your loved one. You’ll feel great! Bet on that!



Honeymoon Packages

Travelling to Thailand is cheap. The rates for hotels are cheap! If you are planning a honeymoon, then take this one. A trip, with hotel accommodations, is very inexpensive. Travel Triangle’s website offers many packages from the many different beaches of Thailand that you can share with your loved one. You will guarantee to have a very good time.


These are tips that can help you get started with your travel plans to Thailand. Remember to plan in advance, accordingly to your budget, and to have a great time! You will have a great time!