White temples are expanding into a sky in hues of orange and blue hue. Spices are splashing in reds and yellows. Delectable curry, flatbread, and red lentils. A wealthy culture that birthed grand architecture, Bollywood, and the serene practice of yoga.If you are going there for first time must read India Travel Guide

It’s no wonder you’re interested in visiting the beautiful country of India. With so many reasons to go, who wouldn’t be?

But, like with any destination, there are a few things you should be aware of before visiting India. These India travel Guide will ensure you have a safe and fulfilling adventure.


Traveling to India

India is a mosaic of connection and culture. Its cities bustle with transportation. You can travel by air or land with planes, trains, and taxis.

Roundtrip tickets and hotels are available in abundance. But the earlier you book your flight, the better the deal. So be sure to plan ahead!

Even with a timely purchase, the price of airfare is nothing to scoff at. If you want to save money on plane tickets, check out The Flight Deal or use the Skiplagged app to hunt down discounts.

Want something more authentic then a hotel? Consider giving homestay accommodation a try for a more intimate experience of the country. You’ll stay with a host family and pay for a room. It’s a cozy and personal way to get to know India. You can find available rooms at Homestay.com.


india travel guide

India Travel Guide

There are so many wonderful sights to see in India, fitting them all in is a daunting task! But if you first focus on what you want to experience, you’ll be able to pick out the perfect destinations. So what do you want to do while in India? Read in India travel guide

If you’re in it for the touring, there are some cultural landmarks and cities filled with art and architecture. Agra is home to the famous Taj Mahal. Exquisitely carved palaces and Hindu temples inhabit the city of Mysore. And a visit to New Delhi will gift your eyes with the stunning architecture of the capital itself.

India is home to some cultural landmarks. Are you a fan of yoga? Visit Rishikesh, the bustling hub of yoga practitioners. There you’ll learn authentic techniques! Fans of tea will recognize the city of Darjeeling, a grassy land with blue skies and mountain views.

Love art? Then you’ll love Bengaluru’s modern art museums. Movie buffs should head to Mumbai where Bollywood productions flourish. And Dharamsala lies on the edge of the Himalayas, surrounded by forest. There you’ll be able to immerse yourself in Tibetan culture.

For activities in India, you can visit the clear beaches of Goa. All bright, flat sand, palm trees, and white-capped waves. You can scuba dive in the pristine sea surrounding the Andaman Islands. Swim with colorful fish spotted eels, and even striped octopuses!

If you’re looking for a honeymoon location, Mussoorie boasts some of the world’s most romantic vistas. Rolling, forested hills, steaming waterfalls, and mist that kisses the earth. Ooh la la!


india travel tips

 India Travel guide for Westerners

Always take precautions when traveling to a new country. Remember your safety is what’s most important. Having a good time comes next!

Don’t carry around important documents when out on the town. It’ll be a disaster if you lose your passport in a foreign country! Make photocopies of everything (passport and driving license) before you leave home. That way if you do lose something, you won’t be royally screwed.

You might not want to think about anything bad happening on your fun trip, but it’s better to be prepared. Keep emergency numbers with you at all times. That way anyone will know how to help in case of an accident.

Banks in India are open on weekdays, and you can withdraw cash from ATMs. But it’s always good to have a stash of emergency cash tucked away somewhere. You never know when you’ll get lost or lose your wallet. Good places to hide money are inside shoes, socks, and inner pockets where they can’t fall out or be snatched by thieves.

The people of India are friendly and welcoming. But to be on the safe side, only use official services. Hire registered taxi cabs and don’t by travel tickets from outside sources.

English is commonly spoken in India, but the locals will appreciate you if you make an effort to learn some key phrases. “Namaste” is a friendly greeting and farewell. “Kripaya” means, please. And say “shukriyaa” when you want to thank someone.


Be polite and friendly, and people will respond in kind!


business in india

India Travel Guide for Businessmen

If you’re travelling to India on business, here are some extra tips to add to your arsenal. Since you’re on an important trip and have meetings you absolutely can’t miss, your health is your primary concern. This means avoiding “Delhi Belly,” a digestive illness caused by new bacteria your poor stomach just doesn’t know how to handle.

Thankfully, it’s possible to escape that trouble! Since the bacteria are present in water, you just have to make sure you only drink from clean sources. Use bottled water for all things—from drinking to brushing your teeth.

At restaurants, ask only for filtered water. Say “mujhe pine ka paani chahiye” to ask for drinking water to avoid getting sick. Most establishments understand foreigners can get sick their water. But it’s best to make sure they know!

So you’re healthy and happy in India. But that’s not enough to have a successful business trip. You also need to learn proper manners and follow some essential dos and don’ts.

Never expose the flat of your feet or point them at another person. This is considered extremely rude. You might find yourself accidentally crossing your legs, but try and be mindful of where you’re pointing those things!

Handshakes aren’t a thing in India. Instead, greet people with “namaste”, put your palms together, and bow your head in a sign of mutual respect. Use the appropriate titles to speak to people. If you don’t know a person’s title, say “Sir” or “Madam.

When you first meet someone, exchange business cards. But don’t use your left hand—that’s considered dirty and offensive. Only use your right hand. If you’re left-handed, you’d better practice!

Travelling to India is an absolute must. This is a beautiful country with warm people, impressive sights, and a glowing culture. No matter where you go, you’re in for an adventure.

Follow these travel tips, and you’ll have a safe trip in India that’ll leave you satisfied yet ready to jump back in for more.