We all fancy travelling, especially for leisure. There is so much that this world has to offer that we definitely can’t afford to miss. Many guys would rather go in a group or as couples than make a solo trip. Well, it is entirely reasonable to prefer the comfort and safety that come with a travel companion. For a while now, guys are having a time of their lives by considering touring exciting places solo.
You will notice that with time, more and more women are exploring this intriguing world just by themselves. For sure, people think that women are easy targets; and taking safety precautions is never a compromise. Here are 12 safety tips for women travelling solo.




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1. Get More Information About Your Destination If you are a women travelling solo

Before you even pack your travel bags, you know your travel destination. First, you need to know;

  •  The kind of people who live in the place you plan to visit
  •  How do they feel about visitors or foreigners? Are they friendly?
  •  The crime rate of the particular place

It is always safer to have a brief background of your destination before your travel, and it helps one make sound decisions that can be a life saver. Dig deeper if you need to, provided you get full information about the place.


2. Have an online back-up

We should appreciate the benefits that come with technological advancements. If you have ever lost your documents especially your passport while in a foreign country then, you understand how crazy it can be. Fortunately, you can always rely on the internet; you can quickly scan all your documents and save them online, probably in a DropBox or something. Having a back – up makes the situation easier in case you lose your documents.



3. Frequent communication

It is always safe to communicate with at least one person that you left behind. Let the person have a direct line where he or she can talk with you at any time. Ensure that you check in with the person at least after two days. By sharing your travel plans, your destination, the hotel you will be staying in and the places you will be visiting; you will make it easier for the concerned party to know where to start looking in case something happens to you.




4. Avoid carrying large, conspicuous luggage

It goes without saying; especially for women, large or heavy luggage can make you an easy target for thieves and muggers. As you prepare for the tours, pack a light bag that you can easily carry along. Don’t take unnecessary things that will limit your movement whenever you have to get away from danger rapidly.




5. Blend in

Different destinations have different cultures. The locals can easily tell that you are not from around if you maintain your style of dressing. As much as it may be fun to get welcoming and friendly responses from lovely people, the robbers may take notice and prey on you. It is not as much complicated when you want to blend in; you just have to keep up with the fashion trend in the area, and just feel like you belong there. No one will know unless you say them.





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6. Watch Your Drinking

As much as you would want to have as much fun as you can, getting overly drunk can land you in big trouble. Not everyone you meet is genuine, as much as not everyone will assist you if you are drunk. Drunken women are a much easier target because they would quickly lose focus and evenfall asleep anywhere. If you really can’t limit your drinking, then it is better if you avoid alcohol at all cost. Further, when you are women travelling solo you should be extra cautious.




7. Prepare for the worst with backup cash stash

Expect the best, but prepare for the worst’ a courageous statement that can get you out of trouble in the easiest way possible. Don’t have everything all at one place; in case you are robbed then you will lose everything. You should always consider hiding some amount of money somewhere safe and probably lockable; it might come in handy later on.




8. Invest in Travel Insurance

It is quite easy to ignore the significant benefits of having travel insurance. Well, your life might depend on it at some point or another. Luckily for you, there are quite a variety of online providers, and there is no excuse as to why you shouldn’t have one. Good travel insurance will reimburse most of the emergency costs that you will incur during your trip and may include;

  • Lost luggage
  • Hospital bills

Before you purchase travel insurance, take time and learn about their policies; as some companies may not cover particular countries or adventure sports.




9. Spend more cash if need be

Don’t be too fixed on maintaining your budget. Your safety is worth everything and money should not be a reason to deny you that. If your plane arrives late at your destination, then it would be prudent if you’d made a reservation with a hotel that will pick you from the airport. Even though such benefits come at a cost, it is well worth it.




10. Don’t wear both headphones while listening to music

You have to be cautious at all times; you can never let your guard down. You are an easy target when you have both earpieces on; you could easily get mugged.




11. Don’t be quick to trust anybody

Be aware of how tricksters work, some will just play along to get close to you only to turn on you when they get the chance. You don’t have to be rude, but you can always be cautious. Trust your instincts; if anything smells fishy get to the safe grounds as quickly and smoothly as you can.




12. Find a local female friend

You can as well make it a little bit easy if you had a local pal. There are many routes to link up with some female that can help you enjoy your trip; you can easily find one through social media.

Fear not what you cannot see, a wise saying that inspires most solo travellers. Don’t be left out, enjoy all the amazing destinations the world has to offer, be sure to use the above safety tips for women travelling alone