A visit to the Big Apple is always an experience of a kid, and it does not matter how many times you have visited this city, there is always some element of surprise associated with every trip. Plan the perfect trip with some of the tips our expert travel writers have written for you. These travel tips for NY will surely make your journey more fulfilled.

trip itinerary

1. Always plan some trip Itinerary. This is invaluable during your first trip to New York, and it will help you keep the kids occupied and happy during your vacation.

2. Most people who travel to New York don’t bother with Stanton Island. There is much to do there for tourists and unless you’re looking for something specific or you’re visiting someone it’s difficult to find a reason to go.

Sometimes, though, it’s the experience that matters that’s why you should take the trip anyway. Best of all, the Stanton Island Ferry is free, and that’s something every tourist like top here.

3. Don’t walk at a tourist’s pace. This is the soundest advice you can ever receive when visiting New York. Don’t spend all your time staring up at the buildings and you’ll be sure to annoy less of the locals.

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4. If you’re looking for a famous place to grab a beer the first place you should head to is any bar, pub, or restaurant in Queens. There is no better place on the east coast to grab a cold drink, at least not one that I’ve found.

5. Of all the place you should go during a trip, The Empire State building is one you should avoid at all costs. If you’re looking for the building with the best view of the city above, head over to The Rockefeller Observatory. This is the best way to get a breathtaking view of Central park and speaking of Central Park.

6. Chances are it’s going to be filled with locals. From the schools to the vendors, there’s a good chance it will be to crowd for a tourist to enjoy. That’s okay, though, because you can always visit Prospect Park instead. Prospect Park is located in Brooklyn and is , in reality, only a smaller version of Central Park.


7. If you’re looking for cheap food too much on when your out and about, I’d suggest heading towards the surrounding area of NYU, Columbia, and the other schools. These places offer dream like prices on pizza, hamburgers and things of that nature.

8. Visiting the New York Public Library should always be a top priority as it is one of the most historic spots on this list and offers a one of a kind visual backdrop for family photos.

9. Depending on the day of the week it is you could end up getting into some pretty famous places for free or at a discounted price. The Museum of Modern Art and the Bronx Zoo for instance.

10. Finally, something everyone should know about, travel prices. Getting around in New York is no joke, and sometimes you just don’t want to walk anymore. So be sure to try the Subway ($2 fare kids under 44’’ ride free) and taxis are $2 a mile the majority of the time.