Travelling solo is fun for the reason that you are enjoying live on your terms.

Below are 10 important tips to consider when travelling.






research your destination

5 Mins browsing internet are enough to know your destination, travel links and surrounding areas

1. Ensure you have thoroughly researched the destination before the starting your journey

Any traveller should first do enough research and make plans before travelling to any destination. First, take some time and try to seek for safety information about your destination and try to note any important information you come across.

Try focusing on factors like:

  • The neighborhoods; try to consider the best localities around and also the ones that you should try to dodge. Know if there is a medical centre nearby just in case.
  •  Lodging; consider the ratings for safety in a hotel before reservation. Note what other guests are saying about their experiences or if there are any emerging concerns.
  • What activities are you going to involve yourself with and the risks; try to know if your travel insurance will shield you in case you happen to injure yourself when travelling.
  • Know how you will get around; know the kind of public transportation that is available at your destination or if you will need to hire a car.





 women travel safety tips

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2. Dress Modestly

Try to minimise your attention and do your research on what the homegrown women wear. Try as much as possible to avoid walking on your own, especially at night in unified areas. Create boundaries and avoid being overly polite to strangers.

Use a firm voice, body language and facial expression to fend off any undesirable attention.





Valueables should be avoided. Its important women travel safety tips


3. Don’t bring valuables

Avoid bringing any valuable or expensive item in your travel that is not necessary for your certificates or expensive jewellery etc. A camera, laptop, phone, and tablet should be enough for you and try to look for a day bad that will fit all your essential items like your credit card, medication or your passport. Not bring valuables is one of the important women travel safety tips which one shouldn’t ignore.





take only essentials

4. Take only essential items and leave the rest safeguard

Don’t walk around with your passport and all of your credit cards in the city to avoid losing them. Just take the necessary stuff for the day and leave the rest secured in your accommodation room. If your hostel is equipped with guest lockers, try to make use of them.

You can alternatively use a portable safe if you are in a hotel room or guest house that doesn’t have lockers.





solo women travellers should make local friends

5. Make a Resident Friend

It doesn’t have to be necessarily a male friend. There are many legit social networks that you can use to connect other female travelers around the world, and you can find out from them about things and other customs to do in their zone, or you can even make a friend at your hotel or any other trusted region you in.






avoiding con artist is an important women travel safety advice

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6. Don’t fall in too quickly

We have all witnessed some con people around the streets who have mastered the art of identifying and befriending new travelers then later mugging them before evading. This should not happen to you. Try to avoid any suspicious person as much as possible.

You might alternatively come across someone tremendously sexy that you find yourself cranking up the speed, please above all, be sure to look after yourself as much as possible




7. Do Communicate with someone back at home

Make sure you communicate with someone back at home who is not travelling with you either your spouse or family, and you should give them an overall awareness of when and where you will be so that they will be able to get in touch with you in case something pops up.



8. Drink responsively

Excessive alcohol should not be tolerated, in particular for women travelling alone. This is because alcohol makes someone dull his/her senses thus slowing your reaction time. For that reason, drinking too much alcohol will make you vulnerable to others which might end up badly for you. This does not mean that you should now avoid drinking, but instead, try to pace yourself when drinking and eat beforehand also drinking water between your sessions will relax your body and mind.



9. Acquire travel insurance

With so many operational providers nowadays, travel insurance is critical. Whether your baggage is lost, need to go to the hospital, if you are robbed or in case you end up in a natural disaster, this insurance will cover you all your expenses. If you cannot meet the cost of travel insurance, then I opine you not to be travelling alone.



10. Don’t Pack Heavily

Packing light is a safety travelling tip for anyone. If you carry a lot of unwanted items in four or five large bags along the streets, you are likely to be easily traced by thieves. By avoiding this, use a smaller bad that will make you be more mobile if you want to move swiftly.